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Give Cactus a grow

Give Cactus a Grow

Cactusmart and Waterwise in Malibu, California, offers a large variety of succulent plants at great prices. We offer a variety of aloes (including aloe thraskii), agaves attenuata and Americana, many of which are between four to five feet in height. We also have a large selection of mini gardens, bowls filled with a variety of eye catching, easy care succulents.

Our nursery was born from a hobby and need to change our gardening style. Owner Mike Hart saw a need to utilize plants in his garden that were drought tolerant, water efficient and low maintenance. His hobby grew, thus the beginning of Cactusmart and Waterwise.

Our nursery offers plants with a variety of positive benefits. They are drought tolerant, durable,  easy to care for, eye-catching, flame retardant and have low watering cost. They are aesthetically pleasing, sculptured, have strongly defined shapes and are visually dynamic.

Cactusmart and Waterwise give you a superb choice of cacti and succulents available at great  prices to everyone. Not only do these plants transform and enhance spaces small or large, a garden, hillside, patio or balcony, making eye catching, visually pleasing displays, they also save you money, time and water.

We operate by appointment only. Call us today to schedule an appointment to visit our nursery.